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January 2014


Sarasota Weather

Sarasota FL Handyman (941) 270-2677 $20.00/hr For New Customers

Licensed, Insured and Testimonials Available. http://www.tprci.com or http://florida-handyman.com Call Tim @ 941-270-2677 fro all these services:
* Landscaping
* Home Additions
* Home Renovations
* Electrical
* Plumbing
* Roofing
* Painting
* Flooring
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Sarasota Florida Handyman Longboat Key Handyman [Skilled services (941) 270-2677) 20+ years]

At Timothy Parks Construction, Inc, we pride ourselves on a strong tradition of providing top-notch handyman services and 100% customer satisfaction on any job, big or small. Serving Englewood, FL for over 29 years, we have established a reputation as a competent and trustworthy company. We are licensed, insured, experienced, and most importantly, dedicated to our clients assuring the highest standard of quality.

Our wide range of handyman services includes, but is not limited to:

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Venice, FL – Roofing Leaks Repairs and GAF ELK Timberline Shingle – (941) 270-2677

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Venice, FL – Roofing Leaks Repairs and GAF ELK Timberline Shingle – (941) 270-2677

Roof replacement or roof repairs needed? – Timothy Parks Construction & Roofing can give you roofing piece of mind. Our professional GAF ELK Certified CE 18239 roofing service will provide the perfect solution for your home improvement and remodeling needs in Venice, FL. http://www.tprci.com/roofing.html (941) 270-2677 Venice, FL

A roof leak is a major nuisance for most homeowners in Venice, Fl. Finding a roof leak can be frustrating or relatively simple, depending on location and weather conditions in Venice, FL. http://www.tprci.com/roofing.html (941) 270-2677

If your roof is older, it is possible that the leak is within the roof field. This means the expanse of shingles, slate, shakes, whatever. If your roof is asphalt, then you can walk around with ease. Other materials such as slate, concrete tile or clay tile may not be so forgiving. You can crack roofing if you walk on it, so be careful. With regular shingles, look at the tops of the vertical knockouts. Look for missing colored granules. Look for cracks. Possibly a nail has backed itself out of the roof sheathing. Simply take the time and call Timothy Parks Construction & Roofing in Venice, FL. (941) 270-2677 http://www.tprci.com/roofing.html

Smart Money Financing: GAF ELK Certified CE 18239

Our competitive loan offers

  • Our loan features are very competitive
  • Unsecured installment loan
  • Loan amounts from $1,000 to $45,000
  • Extended loan repayment terms from one to 10 years (depending on loan size)
  • Competitive fixed interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Comprehensive list of eligible home improvements and equipment installations
  • Loan commitment period is 120 days from loan approval date
  • Same-As-Cash, Zero Interest Rate and Deferred Payment options available

Markets Served:


How to Paint Holiday Windows (http://ping.fm/VsboA)

Dryer Vent Cleaning – How to Get Lint Out of Your Dryer Vents

Note: Cross posted from Florida Direct Insurance.


Unlike the dishwasher or clothes washing machine, the dryer needs a little ongoing maintenance to keep it in safe, proper working condition. How does a clothes dryer work? The way your dryer works is pretty simple – it spins clothes around in hot air while an exhaust vent sends damp air outside. A round, flexible exhaust tube connects to the back of your dryer and then to a duct in the wall that leads somewhere outside — so all the hot, moist air coming out of the dryer ends up outside. As your heated clothes tumble in the hot air, lint (tiny bits of the cotton or other fibers that make up your clothing) comes off the fabric and most of it gets caught in the lint trap as the exhaust air passes through it. The lint trap is usually accessed either inside the dryer door or on top of the dryer — it usually looks like a plastic or wire screen. Whatever gets past the lint trap goes out the exhaust vent and duct and either clings to the sides of the tube (it is wet with condensation and can be sticky) or blows out the exhaust vent outside.





Dryer Vent Problems – How do you know when to clean your dryer vents and ducts?

Since your dryer has to blow exhaust air out through the ducts, the shorter the ductwork the better. The total recommended length is normally less than 25 feet from the back of your dryer to the outside vent cover — that’s with a straight running exhaust duct. If you have bends and turns, it should be an even shorted distance. The more turns and the further the distance, the harder your dryer must work to move exhaust air and loose lint — and the harder your dryer works and the longer it runs, the sooner it will wear out and have to be replaced or repaired. If your dryer has clogged vents and ducts, there are usually a few signs you’ll see:

Affordable Handyman, Remodeling & Painting Contractor Palmetto, Fl (941) 270-2677

When you need to find a reliable “handyman” in Palmetto, Fl, call Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.. the professional leader in home repairs, gives you peace of mind. Whether you are a homeowner, or a commercial property owner, looking for a expert remodeler or maintenance company, Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is available. With one call, an appointment will be scheduled for you. Our telephone support staff will discuss your needs and Timothy Parks himself will meet with you, he is an accomplished carpenter and qualified handyman who will arrive at your property ready to immediately start work. For your larger projects a he will provide an estimate and review with you the Scope Of Work and present you with a ContractTimothy Parks Construction, Inc.. is a Owens Corning Preferred Contractor (ID 209189) and a Certified GAF Elk Roofing Contractor (CE 18239) offering “Smart Money®” Program financing options. ($1000 to $35,000 in an unsecured installment loan with 90 – 180 Same as Cash option.) http://www.tprci.com/financing.html or call (941) 270-2677

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is a handyman repair service company Palmetto, Fl that sends a qualified craftsman for a FREE Estimate to homeowners needing small jobs, repairs and maintenance. All of your home improvement needs can be taken care of with one phone call (941) 270-2677 http://www.tprci.com.

Our craftsmen have over 10 years experience and Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. provides a one year WRITTEN WARRANTY on craftsman workmanship. Always available to you, Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is committed to fair and honest interaction with our customers. Priced By The Job OR By the Hour! Call us for a free estimate Palmetto, Fl – we’re even available for evening and weekend appointments. And remember the job can start immediately. http://www.tprci.com/pdfs/testimonials.pdf or call (941) 270-2677




Roof Leak Repairs at Cypress Shadows in Kissimmee Metro Orlando, FL – Roof Leak – An Unexpected Emergency

Roof Leak Repairs in Northshore Oak Hammock Preserve in Kissimmee Metro Orlando, FL – Roof Leak Catastrophe

When your home or business has a roofing emergency or a roofing drip in Estancia within Kissimmee, Florida, stopping the leak as soon as possible is really a absolutely no brainer. However what do you do and who do a person call? Call Timothy Parks at (407) 610-6771 or text us the information if you have any of the following emergency roofing problems.

• Hail Damages – When strong winds and heavy storms move to your area, hail can happen. These freezing ice contaminants can really harm roofing membranes when they are sufficiently strong. Hail is frequently accompanied along with powerful wind gusts.

• Wind Damages – Shingles can take heavy damages during severe winds. Whenever prevailing winds tend to be permitted in order to whip shingles upward as well as down, they may effortlessly break or break off causing instant roof leaks.

• Hurricane Storm Damages – This particular roofing problem more often than not requires the attic structure as well as ventilation program to become analyzed and fixed. Hurricane damage to the dwelling might be quite extensive and cause serious harm to the water restricted cover leading to water instrusion thru the rooftop system, walls and even ton problems.

• Rain Damages – Occasionally, the actual rainfall by itself may cause roofing leaks and other drinking water problems. When rainfall is permitted to enter aged, damaged or damaged roofing, house siding as well as home windows it may immediately ruin the interior of your home or even company, causing additional problems through mold and mildew

Roof Repair

Valencia Community College in Orlando Roof Leak Repair Specialized Technician – Call (863) 455-9097 Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.

Non commercial and Commercial Roofing

Re-Roofing Services and Emergency Roof Fixes

Roof Leak Fixes
Metal and Tile Roof Fixes

Why Choose A Re-roofing and Roof Leak Specialized?

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc is aware of how hard it can be to find a qualified roofer that offers re-roofing and leak Fixes
at sensible prices. We are positive in our power to do just that.

Why Obtain Timothy Parks?

All of us are Orlando’s go-to Roof Leak Repair and Re-Roofing Specialists.

All of us are Family-owned and Operated.

All of us are State Licensed in Roofing, Building and Home Inspecion with Insurance.
Service the Orlando Metro Area. Orange Sminole, Polk, Lake Counties.

All of us Have Serviced Florida for 16 Years.

All of us answer the phone 24/7/365 Available for ALL Emergency Repairs.


At Timothy Parks Construction, Inc, we make roofing budget friendly without comprising quality.

If you would like more facts about our re-roofing or leak repair services, feel free to give us a call at 407-383-9118. We look forward to getting your business.

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Orlando Roof Replacement

Roof Leak Repairs at Howell Harbor Estates in Casselberry Metro Orlando, FL Metro Orlando, FL Metro Orlando, FL Roof Leak – An Emergency Situation

When your home or business has a roofing emergency or a roof leak in Crystal Bowl in Casselberry, FL, stopping the leak as soon as possible is a no brainer. But what do you do and who do you call? Call Timothy Parks at (407) 610-6771 or text us the information if you have any of the following emergency roofing problems.

• Hail Damages – When strong winds and heavy storms roll into your area, hail can occur. These frozen ice particles can really damage roofing membranes when they are strong enough. Hail is frequently accompanied with powerful wind gusts.

• Wind Damages – Shingles can take heavy damages during severe winds. Whenever existing wind gusts tend to be allowed to whip shingles up and lower, these people may effortlessly crack or break away leading to immediate roofing leakages.

• Ice Damages – This roofing problem more often than not requires the attic structure and ventilation system to be analyzed and repaired. Ice dams on the roof and gutters can also cause severe roofing damages and roof leaks.

• Rain Damages – Sometimes, the rain itself can cause roofing leaks and other water damages. When rain is allowed to enter old, broken or damaged roofing, siding and windows it can instantly ruin the interior of your home or business, causing further damages from mold and mildew

Orlando Roof Replacement

It’s no secret-when roof repairs are needed on your home or business, it’s best to get it repaired as soon as possible before further damages can take place. That’s why it’s no problem for us to handle any roof repair or emergency in the entire Northern Virginia area. Here at Timothy Parks Construction, Inc, we specialize in repairing any roof damages your home or business may have from heavy snow, hail, high winds and ice dams, so you can be sure you’re going to get your roof repaired as soon as possible and with the quality you deserve. After all, emergency roof repairs are bad enough without the hassle of having to wait for roofing contractors to finish your project.

Orlando Home Remodeling Suggestions To Help You Improve Your Home’s Value at Cedar Bend subdivision in Orlando, FL

Carrying out upgrades to your home can be enjoyable. Reserve a weekend for your forthcoming project, making it a job that you simply complete together. Do the mathematics to figure out how much money you can save through performing do it yourself projects your self. The content beneath has the information you need to get the task finished.

finished garage orlando border=
Garage Renovation Orlando

If you can’t afford a designer or perhaps a contractor, you have to begin finding out how to perform certain things. Review online resources, magazines and books to get ideas. The sunday paper design may inspire an area or your whole house. This type of resource is a great spot to turn for reasonable Do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

Solar power additions can be a excellent home improvement project. Even though it may be expensive for install the sections, your electrical power cost savings can make neglect the more than useful. This should help you conserve a great deal on your energy expenses. This all-natural answer for power in your home is amazing.


Prior to you making company renovation plans, you can examine away other houses as well as subdivisions. This gives a great sense of what’s trendy as well as popular in home decoration right now, and you’ll become familiar with a much more in a real house compared to you would browsing the aisles at your nearby home improvement store. Numerous model houses even employ a designer to incorporate window covers and furnishings to complete the effect, so you can copy those you like best and skip lots of learning from mistakes when updating your own home.

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Outside Roofing Sales – Commission


Campaigner GAF ELK LOGO CE18239

TPRCI specializes in residential and commercial roofing and remodeling. For further information on TPRCI, please log into the TPRCI website at http://www.tprci.com/


TPRCI is seeking many experienced Outside Salespersons for the Naples, Ft Myers, Cape Coral, Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, Tampa, Lakeland and Orlando Markets.

The Salesperson’s primary role is to develop new business opportunities in the local roofing contractor market. Responsibilities include the development of customer relationships with new and existing customers at a variety of levels within an account, as well as to sell products, a variety of services, and the value-added capabilities of our company. Although the market will be primarily residential oriented, the person will be responsible for selling. The Salesperson will coordinate closely with our vendors to plan and execute the promotion of products and services to our customers. The development and execution of a detailed annual sales plan will also be a critical requirement for this position. The position will require a person who is a self-starter and has good organization and communication skills.

This position offers a competitive bonus/commission, expense reimbursement.


1. Develop new business opportunities through cold calls and leads.

2. Communicate to the customer the capabilities and resources of North Coast to help their business.

3. Establish a line of contact and comfort level between the customer and inside sales staff and other customer support personnel.

4. Maintain contact with the customer through sales calls as required.

5. Develop sales opportunities through services and application solutions.

6. Develop a continuous business relationship with our customers and our vendors.

7. Develop an understanding of the core company structure through developed relationships.