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Orlando Home Remodeling Strategies To Help You Improve Your Home’s Value at Vista Lakes subdivision in Orlando, FL

Performing repairs to your home could be fun. Reserve the weekend break for your next task, making this a job that you simply total with each other. Perform the math to figure out how much cash you can save by doing do it yourself tasks yourself. The content beneath has got the information you need to get the job done.

garage conversion orlando border=
ManCave Remodeling Orlando

Unless you can afford an artist or a service provider, you need to begin learning how to do some things. Evaluation online learning resources, books and magazines to get ideas. A magazine layout may encourage an area or your whole house. This type of resource is a good place to change for affordable DIY do it yourself projects.

Solar panel additions can be a great home improvement project. Even though it may be expensive to set up the actual panels, your own electrical power savings can make your investment a lot more than useful. This should help you save a lot on your energy bills. This particular all-natural solution with regard to power in your house is actually incredible.


Prior to you making firm restoration ideas, you can examine away other homes and subdivisions. This will give a good feel for what’s trendy as well as popular in home decor at the moment, and you’ll learn a much more in a actual house than you would searching the aisles at the nearby home improvement store. Many model houses actually employ a designer to include window coverings and furniture to accomplish the effect, so you can copy those you want best and by pass lots of learning from mistakes whenever updating your own house.

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Venice, FL – Roofing Leaks Repairs and GAF ELK Timberline Shingle – (941) 270-2677

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Venice, FL – Roofing Leaks Repairs and GAF ELK Timberline Shingle – (941) 270-2677

Roof replacement or roof repairs needed? – Timothy Parks Construction & Roofing can give you roofing piece of mind. Our professional GAF ELK Certified CE 18239 roofing service will provide the perfect solution for your home improvement and remodeling needs in Venice, FL. http://www.tprci.com/roofing.html (941) 270-2677 Venice, FL

A roof leak is a major nuisance for most homeowners in Venice, Fl. Finding a roof leak can be frustrating or relatively simple, depending on location and weather conditions in Venice, FL. http://www.tprci.com/roofing.html (941) 270-2677

If your roof is older, it is possible that the leak is within the roof field. This means the expanse of shingles, slate, shakes, whatever. If your roof is asphalt, then you can walk around with ease. Other materials such as slate, concrete tile or clay tile may not be so forgiving. You can crack roofing if you walk on it, so be careful. With regular shingles, look at the tops of the vertical knockouts. Look for missing colored granules. Look for cracks. Possibly a nail has backed itself out of the roof sheathing. Simply take the time and call Timothy Parks Construction & Roofing in Venice, FL. (941) 270-2677 http://www.tprci.com/roofing.html

Smart Money Financing: GAF ELK Certified CE 18239

Our competitive loan offers

  • Our loan features are very competitive
  • Unsecured installment loan
  • Loan amounts from $1,000 to $45,000
  • Extended loan repayment terms from one to 10 years (depending on loan size)
  • Competitive fixed interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Comprehensive list of eligible home improvements and equipment installations
  • Loan commitment period is 120 days from loan approval date
  • Same-As-Cash, Zero Interest Rate and Deferred Payment options available

Markets Served:


Financing – 90 or 180 Days Same As Cash (http://ping.fm/1vwqV)

Leaky Roof Repair Services in Sarasota, Florida :: Fix Leaks, Water Damage, More


Sarasota Roofs Services: We Fix Leaky Roofs

It’s the moment we all dread: Looking up at your ceiling and finding a large wet spot. Sarasota Roofs understands the anxiety you feel when you realize you may have a leaky roof, and we’re here to comfort you at a moment’s notice.

Roof leaks often occur long before your roof needs re-roofing or replacement—it’s often due to everyday wear and tear or severe weather conditions. More often than not, roof leaks are the result of damaged flashing, which is sheet metal installed at breaks in a shingled roof to stop leaks. Roof leaks can also manifest as localized damage that includes injury to shingles or shakes. Many times, these shingles or shakes are either torn, cracked, curled or even missing altogether.


(407) 383-9118 Orlando Office

(727) 260-7344 Tampa Bay Office

(941) 270-2677 Sarasota Office

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. Website

The Fundamentals of Roofing Remodeling


Office: 407-383-9118 Central Florida Area
Office: 941-270-2677 Southwest Florida Area
Fax: 941-270-1809 Main Office

The Fundamentals of Roofing Remodeling

Affordable Handyman, Remodeling & Painting Contractor Port Charlotte, FL (941) 270-2677

When you need to find a reliable “handyman” in Port Charlotte, FL, call Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.. the professional leader in home repairs, gives you peace of mind. Whether you are a homeowner, or a commercial property owner, looking for a expert remodeler or maintenance company, Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is available. With one call, an appointment will be scheduled for you. Our telephone support staff will discuss your needs and Timothy Parks himself will meet with you, he is an accomplished carpenter and qualified handyman who will arrive at your property ready to immediately start work. For your larger projects a he will provide an estimate and review with you the Scope Of Work and present you with a ContractTimothy Parks Construction, Inc.. is a Owens Corning Preferred Contractor (ID 209189) and a Certified GAF Elk Roofing Contractor (CE 18239) offering “Smart Money®” Program financing options. ($1000 to $35,000 in an unsecured installment loan with 90 – 180 Same as Cash option.) http://www.tprci.com/financing.html or call (941) 270-2677

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is a handyman repair service company Port Charlotte, FL that sends a qualified craftsman for a FREE Estimate to homeowners needing small jobs, repairs and maintenance. All of your home improvement needs can be taken care of with one phone call (941) 270-2677 http://www.tprci.com.

Our craftsmen have over 10 years experience and Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. provides a one year WRITTEN WARRANTY on craftsman workmanship. Always available to you, Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is committed to fair and honest interaction with our customers. Priced By The Job OR By the Hour! Call us for a free estimate Port Charlotte, FL – we’re even available for evening and weekend appointments. And remember the job can start immediately. http://www.tprci.com/pdfs/testimonials.pdf or call (941) 270-2677


Five Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Charley

Five Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Charley


At the 5 year mark of Hurricane Charley’s pass through Southwest Florida Charlotte County residents reflect & celebrate their rebuilding progress.


This Saturday, August 15th 2009 at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda an official celebration of progress will be held.  Read more at



In the wake of this celebration all Florida residents should review their property insurance policies to insure that they are properly covered in the event of any future storms. When reviewing this coverage keep in mind that if your home is a guaranteed replacement cost policy (which most homeowners policies are) you must legally have your home insured at 80% of it’s replacement cost for the insurance carrier to pay to have your home rebuilt if it is completely destroyed. Most insurance carriers in that write homeowners coverage in the state of Florida require that each home they insure be insured at the current replacement cost. But for some homeowners who may have had their policies for quite sometime & do not have inflation guard on their policy (this is a clause some carriers offer that will automatically increase the coverage on their home at each renewal in order to keep up with inflation) they maybe underinsured. To find out the current replacement cost of your home call your insurance agent or a property appraisal (done within the last year) can be used.


Read more information & helpful tips at:




Michellene Septer – Licensed Insurance Agent

Florida Direct Insurance Agency, Inc.

2195A Tamiami Trail

Port Charlotte, FL 33948

Phone- 941.629.9199

Fax- 941.627.9663

Winter Park, FL Roof Replacement and Leak Repair Services (407) 383-9118


Timothy Parks Construction, Inc roofing services provides a variety of roof services in the Winter Park, FL area. We our certified roofing contractors for GAF Elk CE18239 & Owens Corning Preferred ID209189, we use the highest quality roofing materials and installation practices in all our roof service offerings. Plus, the outstanding workmanship from our roofing professionals makes our roof services stand out as the best in Winter Park, FL

What kind of roof services do you need?

· We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

o Do you have a metal roof that needs Roof Repair Services?

o Does your flat roof need Roof Replacement Service?

o Do you suspect roof rot, notice missing shingles, or detect roof spots?

o Does your roof require Storm Damage Repair?

o Do you wish to improve the overall look of your home or business?

Whatever you need, Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. is available in Winter Park, FL offering residential roof services to fix your problem, including:

  • clip_image004Leaky Roofs in Winter Park, FL: Roof leaks typically manifest as localized damage that includes injury to shingles or shakes.
  • Repair Service in Winter Park, FL: From hurricane roof damage to missing shingles, We can fix your roof quickly and within your budget.
  • clip_image006Replacement Services in Winter Park, FL: Do you think you may need an entire new roof? Our professionally licensed roofers certified by GAF Elk CE18239 & Owens Corning ID209189 will come out to your home or commercial property and inspect your roof in detail, and give you a free estimate on what kind of roof work needs to be done. We work with you to replace your roof in time and within your budget.

Home Improvement Loans – 90 or 180 Days Same As Cash (http://ping.fm/ttx8z)

Benefits To Consider Of Warranty Options Offered By An Orlando Roof Repair Professional – Call (407) 610-6771 Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. in Belle Isle, FL

We offer a wide variety of services to the homeowners in the Orlando Metro Area. Call us today for a free asessment and estmate.

Re-Roofing Services and Emergency Roof Rehab
Roof Leak Maintenance
Metal and Tile Roof Renovation
Why Choose A Re-roofing and Roof Leak Professional?

When constructing or repairing your home, Orlando Roof Repair Contractor pro’s from Timothy Parks Construction, Inc of Central Florida knows that the roof is an important part of the home or structure and must receive expert service. This ensures that it will not be destroyed by acts of nature, like strong winds or heavy rain. Therefore there is a need for good and long lasting rroof repair or roof replacement service. You must consider the Warranty options offered by a roofing contractor. There are many different options available to choose from when consiudering warranties.

It is known that any fault or damage on the roof of a house can cost one much money especially if it is extensive. One should therefore look for a means of ensuring that you do not encounter additional costs. We offer a 2 year warranty on all of the repairs we are contracted to cmplete.

Peace of mind is always a given when hiring Timothy Parks Construction, Inc of Central Florida . This is possible if you are not thinking of other pressing issues which you have to attend to. This is what the guarantee period offered is designed for you. Rest assured knowing that in case of an issue the work we perform is guaranteed, at no additional cost.

Decisions about the roof should therefore not be taken lightly. One way of doing this is by obtaining a warranty from an Orlando Roof Repair Contractor such as Timothy Parks Construction, Inc of Central Florida who are the most reliable.